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Kautuki milk is wholesome and delicious. We are one of the most hygienic milk brands available in the market. We always find healthier ways to spread goodness and cheerfulness in families. We at Kautuki procure milk from dairy darmers from more than 160 Village Level Centers in areas surrounding the plant. Our milk is well pasteurized at optimum conditions in our ultra-modern and hygienic milk processing plants. Our milk pouches are sealed perfectly which enables the customers to carry it conveniently. We also ensure that the prescribed quality standards of the market are met. Kautuki milk products are available in the following 4 varieties:

Kautuki Full Cream Milk

Content – (fat 6%, SNF 9%)

Our full cream milk is well pasteurized and homogenized. It is milk in the raw form. It has a powerful combination of nutrients including phosphorus, potassium, protein and Vit. K2. Kautuki’s full cream milk has boosted calcium content

Kautuki Standard Milk 

Content – (fat 4.5%, SNF 8.5%)

Kautuki’s standard milk has been well standardized and pasteurized and is brimmed with nutrition and wellness.

Kautuki Toned Milk

Content – (fat 3%, SNF 8%)

Kautuki’s toned milk has same amount of nutrients as full cream minus fat soluble calories. It is one of the richest source of calcium and strengthens bones, teeth and muscles.

Kautuki Skimmed Milk

Content – (fat 1.5%, SNF 8.5%)

Our skimmed milk is lower and fat and calories than whole milk and provides with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, Vit. B and D as well as potassium. It’s pasteurized at optimum temperatures.